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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by ciderjack, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. For any Gunners out there...

    Just joined my local civi rifle club. Firing on a TA indoor 25m range. Saw a guy on detail I was observing today firing 'standing'.

    Am an NSRA RCO, and quite used to 3P at my old club (civi range), but was not aware you could fire 'standing' on a TA indoor?

    Local club shirked issue when asked, can anyone give me a definitive answer.

  2. Our school has a 25m TA indoor range, which is also licensed for use by civilians. I believe that they are 'classified' when they are built, and to change this is very difficult as it involves changing the plate at back. Should be documentation for it though. Dont take this as gospel by any means, as I am only a cadet, although I do almost live in the range.

  3. Indoor ranges construction criteria is normally held at any nearby Regimental HQ .

    Restrictions regarding use ------the certification is issued by MOD inspection and notes limitations regarding maximum calibre and muzzle energy .
    I did the MOD .22 range RCO course and NRA RCO . Basically the bullet catcher stop box back plate is the crux with indoor ranges. Height and positions of targets must pre determined within the catchment area .

    So yes you can do stand and shoot -------however r however firearms must always be pointed down range and angles of deviation off target should be limited incase of inadvertant discharges. ------
    Also beware of ricochets !!

    Happy shooting -

    :nemo: :nemo:
  4. Cheers guys,
    Still had no answer from club... local TA Staff Officer seems to be 'man in the know' according to RFCA but always unavailable!

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