Indian submarine hit by explosion at Mumbai port

“A naval inquiry has been set up to look into the causes of the incident, but officials told the BBC they suspect it to be the result of an on-board error and not an act involving any outside agency”

Probably the end result But any accident on a boat is sad, especially when life’s are at riask
Sad to see such loss of life, especially when it's possible they suffered. One can only be glad that it wasn't a nuclear powered boat.

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Almost had a heart attack when I saw this as the Yahoo News site illustrated it with a picture of a Trafalgar complete with White Ensign. I guess to the media one submarine is much like another?
Wonder if they use Hydrogen Peroxide fuelled torpedoes? Like the Kursk et al.

Perhaps poor maintenance or such.

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Out of interest, why didn't SPAG help out? Isn't that their role?

I'm not sure if they still exist after sdsr - or are we not too friendly with India? Or do they have to be requested? Any ideas?
The project I'm currently on is in the running for the salvage of it. Think it will be raised quite soon.
Likely they want it done ASAP so they can start tidying the whole debacle up.

As an aside, saw a brief programme about the Kursk salvage job (forget the name) that was fascinating. Certainly put the difficulty into perspective.

Being from a family of Shipyard workers, maritime Salvage has always been fascinating.

Wonder if they will ever reveal what went tits up.

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