Indian police chief's remarks on rape.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Sounds as though the imbecile may have had a few bottles too many of Kingfisher Strong.
  2. Bloody hell, he was using that as an example of what he considers to an equally bone argument. Why is that so difficult to grasp. The Indians ar usually so good with our language, so why/how could they have possibly misinterpreted something so simple?
  3. Like most things nowadays POL, the band wagon/outrage bus jumpers will be twittering their opinions after reading the first word or two. If they have any cogent thought that will come later, by which time it's done forty nine circumnavigations of the globe. There's a lot to be said for the old chippy's saying "measure twice, cut once".

  4. May be he went to the Prince Phillip school of foot in mouth tact-and-diplomacy, when count to 10 in front of the press before opening gob was needed, or he is just stupid?
  5. Perhaps it's me being thick but what was tactless about what he said? Is it the fact that India has an abysmal record for rape so it's bad form to even mention the bloody word? I always thought one of the keys to making a point in an argument was to use something simple, pithy and memorable. He did it.

    As it's been mentioned; long may Phil the Greek remain himself, waving 2 fingers at political correctness.
  6. Its because India has an enormous problem with rape and have had several high profile cases recently, including one where a young woman was gang raped to death.

    He could have used another analogy, the one he used is just thoughtless. Consider the position he holds and what that entails.

    Its not political correctness, its just stupidity
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  7. We clearly don't agree then as I would have seen a high profile problem like rape as the ideal means of pointedly illustrating a daft argument. Perhaps it was my analogies to the Third Reich that used to visibly animate Army wallahs at various Joint committees and meetings I used to attend.

    There was me thinking that it was just Womens' Hour that was populated by thin skinned outrage magnets.
  8. I dont understand why you cant see that its such an emotive subject. It has a lot to do with the way rape is treated in India, he should have known that it would cause a storm even mentioning it in the way he did. The very fact that he has apologised for his remark should go some way to helping you to understand why he was wrong.

    I'm not a thin skinned outrage magnet, I just happen to feel very strongly about the subject.
  9. Dapperdunn, at the risk of emulating an Indian chief of police, I'm sorry if you were offended by my reference to thin skinned outrage magnets. It wasn't my intention to imply that you, personally, were.

    Perhaps it's a function of the way my mind works but when I first saw the Thread title, my immediate thought (albeit somewhat dyslexically) was something like:

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  10. Apology acepted :)

    Great photo, made me smile :)
  11. He could have gone for, the selling and distributing of drugs is illegal, so shall we just accept it and legalise it, to make the drug takers happy?

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