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The Indians intend to have sixteen modern boats in service or near completion by 2010. One of these will be their first SSN. With the Chinese they appear to be the up and coming force with hulls in the water. Then the more they practice with seatime the sharper they will get. Soon vast tracks of the Indian Ocean and China Seas area will be effectively denied to the RN if the locals feel it is in their interest.

Curry and Boats


I went as far East as India several times on SSN's. Only the latitude was out a bit. Much further North for this boy. 'Up there' it was also supposed to be 'a no go' area for the RN and Septics. Did the thought of all those big boys hanging around stop us.......DIF.
I suspect it'll be the same when push comes to shove out in the Indian Ocean. It's going to be a long haul out though....where would you put the FOB?
I think more the problem is, that as we decrease our operational hulls in the oggin most of the locals are increasing there's both SS for the shallower continental shelf's and now starting with SSN's for blue water.

Will we have access to a friendly base closer than Singapore which has no easy access for SSN's.

The Indian's appear to be upping the stakes by building a new base aswell as having new subs built for them probably by the italians, but for what reason? Could this lead to the Chinese becoming more aggresive and what will the pakistanis make of it, in my view tensions are bound to build again between the 3 countries so do we really want to be sending our boats out there at all?
I'd suggest that with the tensions going on out there, and the critical nature of the sea lines out there, it's just the place we'd want to be showing an interest in.

Plus the fact there is nothing as useful as practicing the trade in a realistic situation.
Traders make a killing while people starve

In India's continuing paradox of overflowing granaries and starving people, the only smiling faces these days are of those of middle-men traders. At the moment private traders are slavering over the government's grain procurement policies, which have the laudable motive of supporting farmers but which will result in government grain stocks swelling to a record 75 million tons - with nowhere to store it.

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