Indian navy may buy ex USS Kitty Hawk

Pity we have selected the JSF, if we had gone for the Super Hornet option we could have had a free carrier to practise on before the CVFs ever enter service!
Also heard they were going to buy invincable.
The americans may be offering a good deal. But i guess they need to think do they really need 65 aircraft?
More to the point, have they sufficient trained strength to man the ship. the HP steam plant and cats alone should keep most fo them busy. There are some highly amusing rumours circulating regarding whether this is a go at tying up a big fighter contract for Boeing with the F18E/F, putting the MiG29K out of the game.

Think they'd struggle to go straight from 10-12 SHAR on Hermes to 20-odd CTOL a/c on the Hawk though......

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