India launches its 1st nuclear-powered submarine.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. I always like my Indians fresh cooked not nuked
  2. However back in the real world, this really could put the proverbial cat amongst the feathered things. Both Pakistan and China are bound to be watching this with interest. It could well have a big impact on the relations in the area especially if this is a SSBN as up to now all nukes have been land or air based in the region, this sinking sausage brings a whole new dimension to the local game.
  3. The Agni 3SL missile with matched launch tubes could be an affordable Trident replacement. :angel5:
  4. The answer to that is we should not be giving them ar any country aid at all :?
  5. In continuation of what i said befoere i was in goa last year and kids were asking us money to buy a pair of flip flops selling peanuts etc and they are spending millions like that then getting aid as well something is wrong somewhere !!!! 8O :? :x
  6. Yes, but if the UK Government gives "aid" to India, they can then say to the extended families in Blighty "Hey, arent we great people looking after your families back in your "home" country; now gives us yer votes as we need everyone we can get 'cos we are a bunch of fcukwits".

    Or the Government are trying to curry favour with Indian business for IT support in the near future.
    Pun almost intended.
  8. Ah, but it's Labour who are in now and has precided over the nuc build.
  9. I take it this submarine is for taking peoples calls for any bank in england?
    makes it a nearer choice other than india !
  10. We have to give them aid or people might think we're just bunging them some money for some favours in kind somewhere, somehow, or something 8O
  11. Thic country in any shape or form has precided in the build of a submrine .That is for their government to do not our ,WE cannot tell them what to do or what not to do India is not even a crown colony :?
  12. Precisely, so what is it that the UK needs from India I wonder?
  13. Les Mate

    I think 12 years of presiding over this Green and Pleasant land means that Liebour has had a good few years to lean on our curry making oppos to possible not build their very own SSBN so not really too onesided in my opinion.

    We should however stop all further aid to India and demand the equivalent of what was spent on this sub back as if they had the dosh to build such a vessel then they could have spent this same cash on welfare, like we do
  14. Wondrin' that myself.

    'Friendship' in the UN was my first thought... then : Proxy bulwark and hand against China, ability to grip nearby countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar, Intelligence... Those are just the obvious geopolitical ones though. All that can be seen isn't all that there is to see.
  15. I recall as a young lad taking my 20c along to school to help feed the starving boys and girls in India. Good to see the stinky curry munching fcuktards have spent my pocket money in the manner for which it was intended.
  16. Don't sit on the fence Jack - what do you really think?
  17. Concur with the proxy bulwark theory. Malta had a dry dock built in Grand Harbour by the Chinese some years ago and I hear on the grape vine that they are also going to extend the container port by building a large new jetty extending far into the Med. All for extra merchant container ships of course ..
  18. Or it could simply be that our Government Departments aren't as "joined up" as everyone expects them to be and the Ministers looking after Defence, Foreign Policy, Overseas Aid etc don't ask these sort of questions before doling out the cash.

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