India aims to join SSBN club

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Think this needs merging with my thread about the Kittyhawk (but some F-15s, you get to keep the box top keep them in), under an 'Indian Navy' thread.
  3. Hmm...Interesting. The Curry Munchers had a done deal with the previous Australian government to buy uranium, for power generation of course, in spite of not having signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Thankfully that was the first thing the incoming government scuppered.

    And now they test an underwater launched ballistic missile. Coincidence...I think not!
  4. A real worry I think
  5. Quite how much of a worry it is is questionable, India is one of the more stable members of the nuclear club, I would trust them more than Israel for example, and having watched their home development process over the years it will be some time before they are actually deployable.
  6. Its handy having Uranium but not essential, India has the worlds greatest reserve of Thorium which is fissable and can be used in nuclear reactors as fuel in a breader type

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