Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)



10 September 2009


The implementation of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is now firmly underway. The appointments process for the Chair and Members of the IPSA will begin this Sunday (13 September) with a newspaper advertisement.

The establishment of the IPSA will be taken forward by Andrew McDonald who will take up post on 14 September as the Interim Chief Executive.

The IPSA, which was created by the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009, will set and administer an MPs' allowances scheme, administer MPs' salaries, draw up a code of conduct on financial interests and set the rules for the investigations of a new Commissioner for Parliamentary Investigations established by the Act.

The Parliamentary Standards Act provides that the Speaker may independently appoint an Interim Chief Executive for the new body. The Speaker has appointed an Interim Chief Executive to start work on the logistics of setting up the new organisation in order to get the Authority up and running as soon as possible.

The Interim Chief Executive will hold the post until a permanent Chief Executive is appointed.

Andrew McDonald, the Interim Chief Executive of IPSA, said:
“I am delighted to be joining the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. I am looking forward to getting the new organisation up and running as soon as possible: there is plenty to do and I can't wait to get started.

“The new organisation will have a pivotal role to play in creating the new system for MPs' allowances."

The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, the Speaker of the House of Commons, said:
“We need to restore the reputation of Parliament by establishing a system governing Members’ pay and allowances that commands the confidence of both the public and MPs.
“The appointment of Andrew McDonald as Interim Chief Executive marks a significant step in taking forward the implementation of the new Authority.
â€We are also moving swiftly on appointments to the roles of Chair and Members of the IPSA. Advertisements for these key posts will appear on Sunday.â€

Notes to editors

1. Andrew McDonald was previously the chief executive of Government Skills, the Sector Skills Council for central government and the Armed Forces. He has been a civil servant for the past twenty years and has undertaken a range of policy and operational roles including the delivery of a construction project, leading a new agency at its start-up and running the constitutional reform programme.

2. The post of Interim Chief Executive is paid in the range £105,000 – £115,000 per annum. The post of permanent Chief Executive can only be appointed after the appointment of the IPSA, and will be subject to fair and open competition.

3. The Interim Chief Executive was appointed following a short-listing process of suitably qualified candidates in the public sector and interviews by the Speaker.

4. The posts of Chair and Members of the IPSA will be advertised in the Sunday Times on Sunday 13 September. They will also be advertised online in the websites of the Guardian, Times, and Exec-Appointments.

5. The Chair and the other four Members of the Authority will be selected on the basis of fair and open competition. Candidates will be approved by the new Speakers’ Committee on the IPSA, as set out in the Act, which will be set up after Parliament has returned in October, and then by the House of Commons, and formally appointed by Her Majesty the Queen.

6. Further details about the implementation of IPSA can be found at:
Of course just how independant and critical is it going to be when all are beholden to the Speaker and his mates for their jobs. We all saw how the last speaker dealt with those who tried to clean up the exopenses thing before the proverbial was dropped into the fan by the Torygraph.
Looking at the wage scales on offer I'm thinking it might be cheaper for the tax-payer to let the MPs keep on fiddling.Added to which all these new recruits will need an office and nice furniture and will have expense accounts.Hang on, this sounds OK, where do I send my application form. :?:

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