Independent on military PTSD again


War Hero
Interesting article in the Independent that considers the PTSD effects of conflict.


Generations of faces stare from the pictures that cover the walls of The Trafalgar Inn. Young men in uniform glare fiercely at the camera.

Some of the photographs are more worn than others but they all present the same image: paratroopers standing shoulder to shoulder clutching their weapons, almost daring the viewer to challenge their invincibility.


Lantern Swinger
There's been a help the heroes article almost daily in the Independent. I've gotta say, whether people support the fighting in the middle east or not, it really is going generally unnoticed in society. Specially considering there was once a time when soldiers really did come back and get praised as heroes for king and country by almost everyone.

Now they return and have people from immigrant backgrounds hurling abuse at them during a parade saying they should have died out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!