Independent: "Nuclear Scare At Navy Submarine Base After 'Unbelievable' Failures"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. Mr Large, once again, invited for comment.
  2. A rather Large one at that!

    Besides the invaluable input of the illustrious, highly regarded Mr Large, the article itself bordered on comedy (particularly amongst those who have operated these things). No doubt one of the newspapers finest hacks was detailed off to produce this utter tosh!
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  3. This scare story is more characteristic of the Grauniad than the Indy. As for Mr Large, he reminds me of the so-called subject matter experts who warned that the occupants of trains would be asphyxiated at speeds exceeding 20 mph or insisted that horseless carriages should be preceded by a pedestrian carrying a red flag.
  4. Loss of shore supply!!

    You'd think there be a procedure for that, or even a emergency cooling system that doesn't need electrical supplies!

    Oh, just a minute.......
  5. I've just read this piece of (checks - submarines, not CA) crap and just want to ask - if it is yet another scaremongering yarn of leaking sleek black messengers of death, why is the photo of the sheds and a skimmer?

    Just asking like.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    The problem is that neither Babcock or MoD have been quick enough to rebut these stories.
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  8. Next:

    "Ministry of Defence admit that almost 1,000,000 paint-brushes have been thrown over the side of ships and submarines since 1955"


    "Devonport Dockyard depths are littered with enough government issue crockery to supply a dozen official banquets for Her Majesty the Queen"


    "Lost Royal Navy heaving lines are a menace to wildlife inside Plymouth Breakwater"


    "Urine stained, semen spattered defunct Royal Navy mattress mountain shipped overseas to a Bangladesh landfill site"

    The possibilities are endless.

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