Independent: "Muslims In The Armed Forces: A Proud Tradition"

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by soleil, Apr 1, 2014.

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    "Imam Asim Hafiz is not surprised that more and more Muslims are joining the British military. He is in no doubt, either, that British Muslims can be good soldiers. That is not because Mr Hafiz was the first Muslim chaplain for the Armed Forces when he was appointed in 2005. Nor is it because he is now an Islamic adviser to the MoD. Rather, it is because, as with an increasing number of Muslims, he believes that there is no contradiction between being of Muslim faith and choosing to defend Britain."

    Muslims in the armed forces: A proud tradition - Faith - Voices - The Independent
  2. They make jolly fine sailors too;
    amjad husain 72dpi.jpg
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  3. Expect the usual "praises" for Muslim soldiers.
  4. Oh dear, someone's feeling a little insecure this evening.
  5. Whats the problem with that?
  6. Because it's "them" innit.
  7. What if the number of Hindus, Buddhists increase? Would you guys be happy?
  8. What about the Jedi's?

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  9. Why wouldn't we be, as long as they're not Quakers, all that porridge everywhere! :)
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  10. ...and the Pastafarians

  11. Why on earth not? Do you hate them as well then? So it's not the religion that upsets you is it?

    Let's see, what could it be...
  12. I think it's commendable for Muslims to join up considering the attitude that exists within some of their communities and those nationally who view them as 'traitors'. I know its only a very very small minority who do have those views but still it might be a tad intimidating. Surely any increase in minority groups is positive, doesn't neccessarily mean they make better sailors of course- but it means people view the forces as inclusive. It also means as said in the article that it demonstrates support of defending Britain and its values, which might help alter others narrow views that every Muslim feels the same way about everything and are against the military and British life.

    On a seperate note does it really bother you?
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  13. Fair point and, unless one's a split, would we miss all that chocolate?
  14. Is there an interpreter in the house please?
  15. I'd be happy if you died in a fire.
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  16. Actually that's a bit harsh, but I still don't agree with you.
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  17. and same to you. I'm not insulting any religion, unlike some of you here.
  18. NOW NOW boys, calm down, else you might upset Guzzler and that JUST won't do at ALL!

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  19. Elaborate please. I'm intrigued.
  20. And what about atheists? - there should be more atheists.

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