Independent: "France Sunk By Royal Navy Again After Paying €100m For UK Warships"


"The Emperor Napoleon would be spinning in his tomb. So might be Admiral Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de Villeneuve, the man who lost the Battle of Trafalgar.

In 2005, precisely two centuries after the battle, the French government took the first of a series of decisions that led accidentally to the French taxpayer subsidising two giant warships for the Royal Navy."

France sunk by Royal Navy again after paying ?100m for UK warships - Europe - World - The Independent

French ?subsidise Royal Navy?s new carriers? - Portsmouth News
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That would be payback for hijacking the "Horizon Frigate project", pick any Joint Defence Project, then, makes a change for them to be out of pocket.


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At risk of appearing ungrateful, xenophobic or disrespectful, it's good to see the wine-swilling surrender monkeys have paused setting fire to our exported livestock, refunded a fraction of the EU agricultural subsidies that UK has paid them over several decades and finally compensated us for a couple of liberations they owed us.

Burp, merci mon ami.


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Old news.

We almost ended up with a basically French design with RN add-ons. It only fell to pieces because the governments fell out with France pushing too hard for all 3 hulls to be built in France.

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