Independence white paper defence years 1 to 5


First of all I am not going to debate independence on here there are other forum for that and I have seen the thread about Scottish sailors but its not applicable to what I wish to discuss.

Scotland's Future this is the link to the white paper just click on defence to go there

I think much of the defence plan to do with things that float is ill-thought and wont even save money. The timescales discussed there are 1 to 5 and 5 to ten years

In the first 5 years Scotland should concentrate on the creation of a Scottish coastguard on a Canadian model, it would however be armed. As I understand the Canadian coastguard it is more of an emergency service. I would expect it to be a high quality service that could attract graduates. The recent Bristow SAR contract valued at 1.6 billion complicates things but simplest would be for the Scottish government to agree to one third payment as we have one third the UK landmass to cover. We would brand the helicopters based at Scottish bases with the Scottish coastguard brand go here for why branding is important Why is Branding so important? - Eau Rouge Design - Graphic design and web design in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes. Designing logos and business literature, websites, advertising, exhibitions and packaging. cool brands get graduates.

The requirements for vessels would be nine under the model with 3 coming from the present fisheries protection three river class are under order at present so a further three would round it out.

Maritime patrol aircraft I invite you to go here C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft - Naval Technology The white paper suggests 4 but 6 purely on wear and tear ground would be better airframes deteriorate under use. I would like to make the point that its not the aircraft that is important it the electronics suite inside them. Asking a country to pay for a Boeing 737 mpa with a useless electronics suit is nonsensical.

The fact that Scotland would have no navy makes no difference as the recent incursion of the Russian fleet into our waters would be an illegal act(illegal entry) and can be dealt with under Scottish law.

While for the Nordic countries Russia represents a threat Scotland only has to deal with White Russia rather than the USSR. White Russia is a term to describe Russians under the Tsars but effectively all Russians are white now.

Our relationship to them was always friendly and indeed the common people of Russia have a great affection for Scotland. We can further enhance our security through the use of soft power by restoring Scottish pipe bands to the Moscow tattoo.

I will NOT reply to anything to do with independence I am eager to hear from people with a logistical background. Amateurs like myself seldom understand the train require to support what they are proposing.



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