Independence for Cornwall - A step too far?


I'm not normally one to stifle freedom of speech, but I think the moderators of RR might like to consider whether the endless debate about the CORNWALL incident and subsequent enquiries might have pushed the ship's company over the edge.

At the end of the day ladies and gentlemen, if they declare themselves independent, we'll only have about half a dozen ships left!

Check out this article taken from the Western Morning Blues:

The House of Commons has been warned that the rise of a new Cornwall extremist group is an indicator of disillusionment over constant media and inter Service speculation and overall lack of accountability. Julia Goldenglow, Liberal Democrat MP for Falmouth and Camborne, said threats against celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver, as well as Plymouth taxi drivers, showed how "extreme" disillusionment could become.

The nature of extremists' comments showed their behaviour could stem from a feeling that "there is no other way to overcome the endless debate about who did what, to who, who should take the blame and why", she claimed.

A shadowy group calling itself the HMS Cornwall National Liberation Army has said it wants Mr Stein and Mr Oliver to quit the county, claiming they are pushing house prices up, drawing attention to Cornwall and 'that' incident and most importantly, demoralizing their own chefs who can't cook fish, chips and mushy peas nearly as well as they can.

The HMS Cornwall National Liberation Army (HCNLA) said in an e-mail received by the WMB that certain Navy chefs had approached their activists "for assistance" against Mr Stein - who they described as "a jumped up corner Chippy owner".

The HCNLA described Mr Oliver as "an irritating Cockney git who has caused the inflation of house prices as far away as Guzz and ruined the great traditional British school dinner.". When asked what they had against Plymouth Taxi Drivers the HCNLA replied, "They're all complete bastards! There isn't one of them that can drive in a straight line between the dockyard and Union Street."

Police said they would treat any threats seriously.