Incest in Austria

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ask_then_order, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. This Guy is a True Sick twat......he deserves to die a sh1tty death
  2. There must be strange blokes over here that would think that sort of thing was a good idea. I don't think this trait would be isolated to Austria. Even just the West family saga gives some clue.

    Is there something about Austrian society that makes it more achievable, though? Are the urban Austrians more inclined to keep themselves to themselves than the rest of us.? Is it a leftover of some form of buried guilt for being a reluctant part of the second lot? Don't ask questions and don't interfere and we might not find something we dislike, sort of thing.

    Anyway, what an evil nutter.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. How anyone could do that to another human being, let alone their own flesh and blood, beggars belief.

    Mind you he is more a creature than a man. As has already been pointed out, an absolute cnut. Deserves seeing to with the proverbial rusty rigging knife.

    As with everyone else, my heart goes out to the victims. One can only hope that with the right support and therapy, they will all come through this and find the happiness that they all deserve.

    God bless them I say.
  5. Apparently his Mrs knew nothing about it. She must be a bit bone. You'd think the question "where the fcuk did these extra kids come from?" might have surfaced in her mind?
    Sick sh#t - he deserves nothing less than the worst. The news this morning said he could expect max 15 years if convicted of rape. He should be put away for the rest of his natural.
  6. What you all moaning about - for 25 years, I was continually told - incest is best, now you've changed your mind, I'm confused.
  7. Mmm! Interesting. I had been having similar thoughts myself about the Austrian psyche. I can only conclude that they are a strange folk; still very buttoned up and very "private". I'm sure that such a thing couldn't happen in a small town in England. Yes, I know that Fred West and his gruesome wife did vile things but keeping a girl/woman and her children (by her own father!) captive for over twenty years is so far beyond normality as to beggar the imagination.
  8. It's NOT a funny topic! Even for Jack. Go away and think about it.
  9. It appears Herr F had a dominant personality.... read: bully, who intimidated his whole family, wife included.
  10. Do you reckon the wife knew but chose to ignore it all? I reckon that's the worst bit about it.
  11. Nnnnnnnnnnnngh nngh.
  12. I knew you'd agree.
  13. This will turn into a very complex case.
    If the wife wasn't asking what was so secret downstairs that she had to be locked out of, surely the food bills would indicate they were buying more than the family could eat.
    Was she so scared to ask...and if so, what grounds had she for those fears?
    If it was a fear of violence then why didn't she report the violent tendencies when the daughter 1st went missing?

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