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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. ..........explain what your branch specialisation does!

    Don't just limit it to what it does now, what did it used to do.

    Things such as in unit training, weekend training, National, regional, overseas, ORT, good stuff, bad stuff etc.

    Lets see if we can dispel some of those rumours about some of the branches.


    Trained in the (safe???) use of the;
    SA80A2 rifle
    Casco 21 self defence baton
    1st Aid level 2

    Ad-quals include;
    General Purpose Machine Gun
    9mm pistol
    Mini gun (or is that just a vicious rumour?)

    General role
    To act as a visible deterrant on board RN, RFA and STUFT ships by dressing in green clothing and walking around the upper deck, bridge or manning the gangway.

    In unit training;
    Rules of Engagement.
    Baton Handling tests/drills
    Weapons Handling tests/drills.

    Regional training
    Training weekends approx every three or four months which include live firing, NBCD, Baton handling tests, Weapons Handling tests DCCT range, ROE.
    Seamanship/Mine warfare weekends approx every month
    NBCD weekends approx every six months

    There are rumours of three two week blocks of training in Cyprus possibly starting this year but this is yet to be confirmed. ORT on board ships now seems to be becoming a rarety as the posts are filled with mobilised RNR FP teams.

    Good stuff
    Rifle training, shooting etc
    Sea weekends on MCMV's
    Clothing issue.

    Bad stuff
    Very little sea going ORT opportunities.
    Limited role

    AWFP is a good branch, with lots of good people. It could, in my opinion, expanded with additional training including the RIB, as boarding party and more seamanship.
  2. There is also mine warfare stuff coming back in to AWFP as an 'add-on' that seems to be rising from the ashes of GSSR
  3. Ahhh, but MW isnt what it used to be.

    AB-LH is based on the working the sweepdeck or whatever its called now they don't sweep and LH-PO/CPO/WO is based on the Tasking Authority side of things. IE sitting in a portocabin liasing with the command as to where ships are to go, when, for how long etc etc.
  4. I can confirm Cyprus is a go. Liase with your PSI who will need to speak to the bearded one and he will point them in the right direction.
  5. Folks, does anyone know if this Cyprus trip is open to all branches, or is it just you green people with bang sticks that are going? :rambo:
  6. GO AWAY, YOU'RE NOT COMING!!! :rambo:

    Rumour (there's that word again!!) that they may struggle to fill all the places with just AWFP but if you can't get on it then its your own fault for being a girly, computer wrecking, CIS blokey with saggy balls.

    I thank you :thumright:
  7. Well I'm sure it can't be THAT difficult to work one of those gun things. All I need to know is how to switch it on and off again, and which end all the bullets come out. Is there a pamphlet I can read or something?
    HOWEVER if you're looking for someone to lead the way when it comes to drinking cheap beer and chatting up ugly women then I am a Jedi master!!
    There's a plaque in Jo's above the toilet door with MY name on it!! :pukel:
  8. AAAAAHHHHHH, I've seen that. It says Ladies :dwarf:
  9. Haha! Touche, Trehorn!!!!!!!!!! :tp:
  10. I always thought that AWFP should have been called AFB (awfully ******* boring), probably wouldn't do to much for recruitment & retention though.

    Anyway Trehorn, leave Tall_bloke alone; he's trying to come out of the closet or is it the ladies (why else would you be interested in the RFA???)

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