In what order?


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i passed my RT in Aug 2011, i've got my medical next tuesday morning, and following that in my interview (which i believe is straight after it)

is this how it normally goes? or do they normally do medical, then fitness then interview?


(passed eye test yesterday)
Your medical will always be first. But I suppose it depends on how long your wait is when it comes to the fitness test. For example if you've got a 2 year wait, you may not do your fitness test until your second year of waiting, as if you did one in the first year you'd have to do another one due to it expiring after a year.

I hope this makes sense?
The normal process is RT, Medical, PJFT and then interview. But that said if it suits we can change the order so that someone makes less journey's to the Careers office.

Your own CA will always make sure that all the things are done in the quickest and easiest route.



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cheers guys, thats clears things up.
i checked and my interview is following straight after my medical, providing i pass it that is!

guessing i have some wait to go then also, i was secretly hoping i'd jumped the que a little
Order as per Supermario stated.

Your RT is valid for 3 years.

Medical has to be done annually for Aircrew candidates; it is otherwise valid until you turn 18 or 30. i.e.. if you are 17 you will have to have a further medical if you are still waiting when you reach your 18th birthday. Likewise when you hit 30 (that's a long wait...). You must have completed a medical before doing your fitness test.

Your fitness test (like for those of us serving) is valid for a year - and is not difficult!
Your AFCO may therefore hold off asking you to do some of these evolutions to save you repeating them during a long wait for a particular branch.

You will also find that you will require an update interview after a year if still not entered.
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