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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by v8diver, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. went to a funeral yesterday and arrived home today
    was met by her that must be obeyed in full flight and no sign off calming down
    have tried all ways i know of shuttin her up
    anyone got any ideas
  2. Is it due to grief on her part or is she just pissed off you went away??
  3. Good question. If its the first, be patient and just keep your head down till she feels ready to talk and if its the 2nd, point out why you went, and just get on with things. best of luck buddy, women can be a right mystery
  4. Before I start with the advice, you need some items:

    1 x waffle iron
    1 x loud hailer
    1 x kitten
    2 x feet of razor wire
  5. Or cuto's method could work. Although expect a legal issue if she doesnt give in :p
  6. And a bar of soap for the Pongo with the gash username!!! :D
  7. Irish Wake only yesterday?

    She's peed off because you came home early - By rights she was relying upon you to have been AWOL for much more than just the one night so you have severely upset her plans. 8O :wink:
  8. I'm getting all Deepcut with this level of abuse.
  9. am now getting sound. you should know better at your age
    hope you are fit to go to shoppin center with me and where is j his wife been on the phone he not home yet yous are meant to set an example
    not behave like some teenagers.
    ps to cunto razor wire and things wont stop her she seen worse when at work
  10. Suck it up big boy!!! 8)
  11. That's it, I'm cutting myself now
  12. When she stops to draw breath, just slap her round the chops and remind her who's boss in the house.

    When you wake up the next day at least you'll get breakfast in bed from the nurse :D
  13. you know from my pm,s where i work and she works there also
    not a goood idea to slap her
    on another note merry crimbo ship mate
  14. Throw yourself on the floor in front of her and wail and grovel.
    Show her who's boss.
    Oh and Merry Crimbo,...whimp. :wink: :D
  15. Man up, your an ex-matelot, just blame someone else. Just pretend she's a crusher wanting to know where you've been, it's easy slipping back into the old routine :wink:

    And merry Chrimbo to yourself
  16. went that way but after 30+ years she said do you think iam daft
    one ex bootie grunt and a para sliped out and said see you tomorrow
  17. Ah you have brave oppos like me.
    Mind my missus was drummed out of the waffen SS because of her brutal disposition.
    And cowardice is not a state of mind with me, its a religion. :oops: :wink:
  18. her that must be obeyed has gone to work am having a cure working late shift 2morrow
  19. How about a 12 Bore
  20. Photos and or PongoEmo rant on Youtube NOW!!

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