In the old folks home.

Two old codgers, an old boy of 83 and a granny of 79 are chatting in the old folks home. the old boy says "I haven't had a snatch for 25 years, I'd like one more go before I die". The old granny replies " It's about the same time for me, let's meet in the dayroom after lights out and see if we can still manage it". Around midnight they meet up and the old boy asks "Where would you like to start?". Granny replies "I always liked to kick off with a bit of 69ers". "Fair enough, let's get at it" says the old fella. Down he goes and comes back up straight away. "******* hell!" he exclaims, "That don't half stink down there". The old girl says "I know, it's my arthritis". The old guy replies "You don't get arthritis down there". "No"she says "It's in me shoulders, I can't wipe my arse!".
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