In the news.

We had best not comment on this one as it is sub judice; if SgtP sees us commenting, he will send us all to bed with no tea.
Whilst not commenting on the case (my hand is still sore with RSI from all those lines) I was pleased to see the stand taken by the spokesperson, i.e. not naming the accused, and pointedly telling the press that the only information they are likely to get in this vein is the bare minimum which a court appearance will put in the public domain. Must be one of the Nelson CM team, or someone they have carefully briefed.

Edited to add link.
Hadn't seen/heard the news item. The last paragraph, Naval spokesperson etc., says it all.


Edited to correct "spokesperson" to "spokeswoman" in case the PC police are watching. :roll:
As far as any MOD involvement/censure is concerned - at the moment (and quite rightly so) this is a non-story with no details and nothing on which to make any comment that could in any way (IMHO) be prejudicial to a current investigation --- though I am fully aware that some of you on this site are ingenious and wily so there is never any guarantee and I might have to re-visit my opinion in an hour or so.
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