In the mess today at standeasy...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RNFLUNKY, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Do you think burning dog shite smells worse than dog shite that isn't burning? It had us in deep discusion.
  2. Mmmmm, that's a toughy. So many variables. What doggy had for tea, what accelerant was used to ignite said poo, density of poo, runny or solid, burn speed etc.

    What was the decision? I will have to wait until mine dumps later to get a test sample and I shall be using a BBQ lighter as accelerant!
  3. Poop doesn't burn it will only burn if used with an accelerant,

    If there is enough hydrogen sulphide in it it may explode but not burn, But you will only get hydrogen sulphide if it has been sat long enough to start to decay, :D
  4. I never see white dog poo like I used to

    Why is that?

    It was pretty dry, so I imagine it would burn pretty well.
  5. Aaahhhh....Jack Dusty's play time teaser I see.... 8)

    Some things NEVER change.... :D

    Still waiting on my new Steaming Bats .....that was '74' so it's unlikely I will get them now.... :)
  6. A few years ago I crawled through a pile of human excrement in a house involved in fire. I couldn't see a thing, except the odd smear on my BA visor I made whilst clearing the steam off with the back of my gloved hand.
    So no, poo doesn't smell any worse in fire....

    However, my oppo's outside seemed to have a different thought as I approached them on exiting the house! :D :D

  7. We did this one to death about 6 months ago :roll:
  8. They'll be here next week. They were on back order. :lol:
  9. That's a Stewards badge ! :p

    Dusties wore SA (as in Sexual Athletes) ;)
  10. I thought it meant Sod All, that's what the jack dusties always used to tell me when I used to ask what stores had turned up
  11. Did you bring sippers ?

  12. You mean death threats and waving a big shifter about wasn't the right procedure 8O
  13. If that didn't work, then you must have been speaking to a Jenny Dusty !!

  14. Ref my recent thread about my mutt I did a quick experiment this afernoon belive me a burning dogs turd smell sworse especially when one pours lighter fluid on it as the dog is giving birth to it - the additional smell of burnt flesh and hair is similar to the inside of a lepers bandage.
  15. Lepers bandage.....hmm :?:
  16. Remember it was the practice in Barrow for kids, at one time, to wrap dog turds in newspaper put it out side a front door light it knock on the door and hide round the corner or down a ginel. The occupier opens the door sees the flames and stamps on it to put it out. :roll: You dont get caught twice.
  17. Considering your branch badge RNFLUNKY, I would have thought that by now you would have mastered the art of cooking, (no doubt well disguised), dog turds for your ... er ... customers without burning them.

    Try a medium grill rather than a full one. :chef:

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