In the Interests of Equality

Some good points about the aggressive spread of Christianity and other religions, but I think you'll find that, in the past, the organised Christian Church and followers of many other religions have used their religion in the pursuit of power. The traditional Christian Church has always been a big power broker in the West and has used religion as an excuse to gain and maintain power. This also applies to the tin pot pseudo-Christian sects such as the Davidians, and to the Moonies, Scientologists, Kabbalah etc.

If you take the original philosophy of Jesus (an anti - Roman, Jewish revolutionary may I add), it is exactly the opposite of how the Christian Church has conducted itself (and in some cases, continues to do so). Likewise, the principles of most other religions such as Buddhism, Hindu, Sikhism etc have been about tolerance.

Islam, on the other hand, has always promoted the aggressive spread of it's ideals - it is an integral part of the religion.

Consider myself served with a Fatwah! :(