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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luke_manic, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. im currently serving in the british army over seas in germany. iv got an in service transfer under way ,as we speak. im hoping to train as an AET, and completed my RT and medical on the 23rd of november. im now just waiting out for an entry date for raleigh.

    i was just wondering if any one new the transfer process well and had any further infomation on it i.e

    do i now follow the same route as if i was a civvy?
    will i need to go to raleigh?
    do the waiting times apply to my situation or will i have to wait longer/shorter?
    i scored high on my RT so will that influence my entry time?

    as is everything in the forces its a waiting game but if anyone could shed some light on these questions i would be very tgreatfull.
  2. thanks for the reply. i read that post earlyer but every one i speak to has a different idea of the transfer process and apparently it has recently changed. just wondered if any one new the latest info regarding tranfer time lines and raleigh etc.

    thanks again.
  3. Speak to your RCMO or try contacting Kintergren House in Glasgow or even the AFCO that is processing your application. In service transfers can take up to 12 months depening on many different factors including when the Army is willing to let you go, the branch that you are joining and how frequent that branch joins at HMS Raleigh.
  4. the problem is iv spoken to them and theyve all got different answers. the army say 1 thing AFCO say another. the armys willing to let me leave soon as, origionally AET branch was in need of manpower so it was only 6 month wait when i first applyed. then when i sat my RT test's it was at 9 months and a week later it was 13 months! however speaking to my AFCO they said that it wasnt 13 months wait and that because im transfering im on a different time line.

    the whole things so confusing but hey ho. cheers for the replys.
  5. Just to keep your chin up, I spent ten years in the Army and got out for nine and a half. Joined the RN in march this year and thus far, the best decission I have made in a long time and no second thoughts.

    So, keep at it and good luck mate.
  6. yeah i cant wait for the change. its just annoying not knowing exactly what the score is. i spoke to a friend today in AFCO who said that my place was bid for on the 23/11/09 which he thinks was still while AET was a nine month wait, but a week later it went up to 13 months so not sure exactly when itll be. these cut backs are rediculous. weve even gone as far as counting out exact rounds per man for the range. bring on the good times.

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