In-service Medicals

How often do you have medical examinations after joining and what do they involve?
Also what happens if you pass joining medical and then once in service develop conditions such as a cataract or diabetes etc?


Call me suspicious, but this sounds like you have something you're trying to hide. I'd strongly advise against it. We always find out, and the longer you keep it from us the more severe the consequences.
Family history! Relative got a cataract at 22. What would happen if it happens to be after just joining as ophthalmologist said I'm likely to get one ? Not hiding anything.

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Declare it. Routine medicals start at age 30 and are every 5 years until age 50 when they become 2-yearly. If something significant happens in the interim (like you lose vision due to premature cateract) then action will occur though. You may be retained or not - depends on branch and seniority at the time - ie how much does the RN need you at that point.

Difficult to answer in general terms.


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It`s worth adding the standards for entry differ to the standards whilst serving as long as it`s not an undeclared, pre-existing condition.
So say a couple of years down the line when I'm a warfare officer and I need to get a cataract sorted it shouldn't be a problem seeing as the operation results in perfect vision and is minimally intensive? It's not like its a major problem right?

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angrydoc has replied to your question. It is understandable that you are concerned but as he has indicated it is not possible to answer a question about a hypothetical situation. You will just have to wait and *ahem* see.
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