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Hi all, I have my AIB for Warfare Officer in early January, and was wondering if anyone on here can give me some first hand information about the in service degrees open to logistics and warfare officers. I seem to have a leaflet for the WAFU degree, but all I can find on the other one is one page on the RN website. How much extra work on top of basic training is there? Is there enough time whilst doing IOT to fit in degree studies?
Thanks in advance.
The page on the RN website explains it pretty fully, as a non-grad you will get a foundation degree at the end of JWOC - you don't need to do anything you get it automatically, the sections of the training pipeline to that point have been accredited with foundation degree module weighting.

After that you have 3 years to sign up with the OU to do the continuation to an honours degree, this leaves you needing to do about 4 modules through distance learning in pretty much whatever subjects you wanted. This doesn't have to be done continuously once started, so if the situation arose that you didn't have enough time at any stage, you could delay your study accordingly.

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