In Service ACL Injury

Having used the search function I appreciate ACL questions have been done to death, but have found that they generally relate to new joiners concerned about their eligibility so I was hoping for a different perspective.

A recent MRI confirmed that I had ruptured my ACL on a RN Sports Tour. I have since been landed and await surgery. I have had a great standard of care so far (fast track MRI, excellent Physios etc) and everyone is being generally positive that I will be back to competitive sport within 9 months after surgery. My only concern is I was due to take my AIB in September, which is now being rescheduled for next year, however, I am concerned the surgery will impact my eligibility for extraction and taking on training at BRNC (I am an Upper Yardy). Are there restrictions/bars for in service candidates?

Any information, opinions or personal experience would be most appreciated. Even if the circumstances are not identical I would be interested to hear from any in service guys who have gone through ACL recovery in the MOB and how they found it.

Many Thanks,
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