IN PICTURES: Falklands veteran meets Argentine pilot he shot down 30 years ago

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 16, 2012.

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  2. Any body belive he shot down a A4 Sky hawk with 40/60 AA gun MMMM
  3. Jackass. .
  4. please explain your views
  5. For what its worth i think it was very possible,only needed one round to hit and bobs ya uncle,

  6. How did you know?
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  7. It was an interesting program, yes possible but unproven, the pilot's escape and his survival was a story in itself.
  8. I just watched my recording of it tonight. TBH, I don't see the point of the whole programme.
    Did anyone stop to ask themselves 'What would the relatives of Coventrys' deceased think of this show'?
    It appeared to be a display of forgiveness by someone who wasn't in a position to grant this.

    I'm guessing this was a joint documentary with an Argy film crew, if so, I'd wouldn't mind seeing their perspective...
  9. Nice picture when and were was it taken,
    The reason i find it hard to believe he hit the A4 as i was the loader on the SBD Bofer and im buggered if can remember any of the lads off the GDP cheering, the thing for sure did not disapear in a cloud of smoke, however they me be a hint of truth as we did get a signal from another ship that sombody seen a fragment detach from the tail at the time before it was lost from visual range,

  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Didn't watch the TV programme, but I doubt the guy was granting forgiveness on behalf of anyone other than himself.

    Certainly I don't bear a grudge against any Argentine service person but I still question any British politician that commits the UK Armed forces to a war they are ill-equipped to fight. So that will be any war in the last 50 years, then.

    With regard "who downed what" conundrum, from what I recall, anyone pointing a weapon in the general direction of an aircraft that is hit will naturally claim it was them. On day one of the landings there were more claimed hits that the combined strength of the Argentine Air Force and Navy. Such is the fog of war - perhaps we should use Baldrick's logic & write our names on the anti-aircraft projectiles.

    The problem with PTSD, Battle Stress, call it what you will, is that there are undoubtedly many who suffer this debilitating condition. Equally there are charlatans who discredit and deny the genuine sufferers by using PTSD as a convenient label to avoid responsibility for their own particular circumstances.

    Interestingly Fearless got in a bit of a strop with my ship because 'our' spent Seacat missiles were rather alarmingly dropping all around them. Since then I've unilaterally forgiven all those on board Fearless who got a bit miffed.
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  11. OK then. So who did shoot the ****** down!!!!!!!! Someone must have.

    Can't see the pilot going back as saying some matelot just shot me plane down guv with a lil ole gun!!!
  12. I can`t see why Feerless were miffed they managed too put a seacat between are Funnels only God knows why the proxy fuse didn`t detonate Ha
  13. "...because 'our' spent Seacat missiles were rather alarmingly dropping all around them"

    Was there a credible submarine threat then?
  14. Hei Beerbosan,

    The pic of the bofors 40/60 is one from Google pictures archives,i just feel that its possible with a little luck and a steady hand to hit a fast moving target,i had a few lucky hits myself when on the bofor and bridge wing mounted oerliken 20 mm,ok admited the A4 must have been moving pretty fast and the drogues i put a few holes in were at a snails pace,friggin good shooting if he did get it though

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