In need of advice from a AFCO

Right this may sound a bit odd...

The local goon in my area has taken a dislike to my face etc...
he has indirectly thretend me ie walking past me and making sure to look in my direction that he would ever so enjoy stamping on my legs.

Problem is i know i canot attack him back as if the police found out it would mean a bar to entry for 4 / 5 rys ? (im not getting any younger)

Am i right in saying being envolved in any police matter can hammper application procces...

Am i doomed to just recieve a beating and get on with it ?

CHEER'S :thumright:
OK, let's start at the beginning - you would be a complete idiot to get into a fight with this guy. You have a lot to lose - he probably doesn't.

If you are seriously concerned about his behaviour, the sensible thing is to go to the Police, as behaviour of the kind you are describing is an Offence under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, then let them take it from there.

Bear in mind that he may carry a blade of some kind - if he provokes you and you start fighting with him, you could end up in a position where you won't be joining any of the Armed Forces, because you will be dead.
Your right it is Deja-vu.

I wanted the advice from a adult point of view really as most on that site are younger than me so.....

CHEER'S :thumright:
you will not be breaking the law though mate if you get attacked and you hit him back once, or you can block his punch/kicks and then hit back only once, with reasonable force.
If he has a knife he would probably use it anyway, but only run if he does pull one out... no point worrying about something that may not happen!!
As long as you are not doing anything wrong and he does attack you JUST HIT HIM BACK and then at least he will know you fight back so hopefully then he will F off, and with you fighting back I really dought he will be going to the police!

That's not the advice he should be getting to be honest. As you're no expert on the law, I'd not advise that.

The best advice Soleil has given. Get the police to deal with it.
They will not be able to do much unless the guy has actually been assaulted, and as far as I know if it is under-17s fighting they take a dim view to it.
I may be wrong on that but I do know and surely you know that self defence is perfectly legal, if people are scared to fight back then its not very good.
You have to prove it was self defence in the first place. Why take the risk?

I've heard of cases where even the person defending in self defence was charged for hitting the other person.

But then I'm not a copper or a lawyer so I won't be giving legal advice.
This is a stealth "i'm hard" thread.

Do you honestly need to ask an Afco if you should beat the **** out of someone or not? What are you expecting him to say "crack right on my mate, give it to him good old chap".

Either phone the Five O or don't get caught.
Mirrage said:
you really are an utter plonka naills

nuff said !
Maybe tomorow you could ask your AFCO if robbing a post office will hamper your chances of getting in the corps? Just explain to him that you're REALLY strapped for cash at present.
Oh really ? you 2...

I tell you what why dont you come and live in one of the toughest estate's
in south wales eh ?

i am here because it is all i was given by the local authority
i am generally from a much better place than this...

if you where to count evry house flat etc.. up here evry other one would contain a crack den or dealer...

Yes i have a short temper and this is why i do not wish to confront this guy
he may beat me he may not...
And i might add that if i was going to engage in a fight with this man
i would be a fool / i do not wish to endanger my chance's of becoming a royal marine and i dont fancy getting stabed eather as soleil pointed out
a man like this is probably carrying a knife.

Hell i tell you this now 3yrs+ ago i would have not hesated to engage in mortal combat
But i now i have a small familly of my own to think about
you do not know the expirences i have had in life and would be surprized
at how quick a person can grow up.

The point of this thread was to find out exact law etc... for enrolling into a millitary service...

which i may add Ninja stoker has pointed out on the prmc forum
and i am currently waiting for a previous offence to die out i have 1yr left till i can sign up for training yet again that offence was
was a long time ago when i was around the same mentallity as Naill's is now (i.e immature)

if i have not convinced you other whise i give up !

CHEER'S :thumright:
Now i have had a little think about this situation and have come to the conclusion it requiers experties of a surtain nature !

DOES ANY ONE KNOW: where i can find a skate bording mercenary who cage fights in his spare time ?

I am willing to hire them out to take care of this guy ! :wave:

CHEER'S for what serious answer's were made !

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