In need of advice (Failed RT)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by viglen, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. In need of advice

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  2. Re: In need of advice

    SM or NS are AFCO dudes. They no doubt will answer your questions.

    Dry your tears treacle there is hope yet
  3. Re: In need of advice

    Thanks pal
  4. Re: In need of advice

  5. Re: In need of advice

    Perhaps your best bet would be to contact your local college and sign on for a course in GCSE English :twisted:
    May as well do GCSE Maths at the same time.
    Preparation is 90% of success.
  6. Re: In need of advice

    Thanks Alot Guys that helped. :) this forum is a life line

    I do remember him actually saying if i get some books and go online and show some progress he will book me for a retest

    If anyone has failed the RT before please comment about what you did and how you got on with the AFCO staff

    Thanks again
  7. I'm retaking my test some time in April. Failed it last time because of the maths, but have seen had a tutor to help me improve. All I can say advice wise is find a tutor/local college and just hammer away at what you fell down on.
  8. Yes i did

    it wasnt the questions that got me it was the time

    i was too slow on reading the questions and the result was handing the test in with a Quarter of it blank

    My advice to anyone is get used to reading and understanding questions fast and PASS on ones you dont know straight away

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