In need of a second option!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by SonOfWAFU, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys first post so go easy :D

    So, ive always wanted to follow in my dads foot steps and be an AET (he was AEM) in the navy! but ive started worrying like i ALWAYS do and wondered what my second choice would be if i didnt score high enough for AET? I dont see me failing the RT cuase im gonna study study study!. But just incase i dont meet the requirements do you guys suggest another hands on job in the FAA?

  2. And you openly admit that your the son of a Wafu,wow that takes guts :wink:
  3. I hear admitting it is the first step :p
  4. :D :D :wink:
  5. I know what an AEM is so am I calling it correctly that an AET is Technician? 8O :roll:
  6. You are correct :)

    Just need another hands on type of job preferably in FAA :\ is there any as good as AET?
  7. yes aircrewman :wink: Junglie Daz and Airy Fairy are serving aircrewmen, and can advise you better.
  8. HA HA HA,
    Yeah offence but if he doesn't pass an AET'S course then he'll never be an Aircrewman, well maybe he could be a Pinger!!

    I can't think of any other trades to be honest mate within the FAA apart from AET that is "hands on". I'm sure you've got enough about you to become an AET no probs mate and then maybe one day you'll have a crack at Aircrewman.
  9. Really? I had thought that the only requirement to be a Flying OM / Dope on a rope was that you had to have failed in your original branch and have an over-inflated opinion of your worth.

    I must be wrong.....
  10. :roll: Yep wrong again Monty, LREM (air) and LAM(ae) us old and bolds :wink: :wink: and fixed wing squadron erks in a previous life on!!! Strike Carriers :wink:
  11. Roger! :thumbleft:
  12. Flying OM?....Dope on a rope? Shows exactly how much you know MLP?
  13. See? Over-inflated sense of worth, told you.

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