In my cups

Fcuking hate this time of year me on the wagon Mother in law on her way round for a week how the fcuk do I manage can't find a hose long enough to go from the exhaust to the drivers side and the wife keeps bleating about money or lack of it perhaps I should either slot the Mrs ( :D ) or the fcuking reptilian mother in law. Dog is hiding in the shed and I only put bird seed out so I can slot the feckers with my air rifle when they feed.
Evil cnut I know but as they say "Don't fuck with the Port Watch"
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
I laid some cable into a sandwich bag, and popped it into your freezer!!

Don't eat/defrost the sausages!!!
:D you shag my daughter and curl one down in my freezer taking the piss or what - Now put the kettle on ya kurp
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