In Memoriam

Re: @skyvet's Final Patrol

Oh dear, Mrs Sticky/Mrs Skyvet (aka Cr*****) - Margaret and I are both shocked and totally saddened to hear your news of Paul's sudden passing.

Recalling that brief but happy time we spent in your company at E Cyprus please be assured that our thoughts are with you and we fully understand how devastated you must be feeling right now - Particularly as my own younger brother (whose passing-out Parade at HMS St.Vincent I attended in the summer of '63 at the same time as Paul was there under training in another, later, entry) made his own departure unexpectedly overnight just a few months ago.

Like many at Rum Ration 'Skyvet'/ 'Sticky'/Paul was very conscious of PERSEC (Personal Security) here so I'll try and send you more by email:

Question, please, C: Do you still have access to his gmail account??

If not I can sent a Private Message instead by communicating through the envelope symbol at the top right corner area of this page.

Meanwhile - Keep safe & Heartfelt condolences from both of us here at Sunny Southsea XX XX XX


War Hero
RIP Paul aka @skyvet. I only ever met you on here, but I really enjoyed your posts.

I'm only a sprog at 64, but I'm finding the Welsh hymn "Mae 'nghyfeillion adre'n myned, o fy mlaen o un i un" comes more and more frequently to mind. "My friends pass to their rest at home, one by one ahead of me."

Heartfelt sympathy.