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He's not been well for some time, I'll be going down to say my goodbyes.
last saw tank about a decade ago, he knew he had served with me but a bit confused as to where, when, and I had a different name every time we spoke. Parkinson was taking its toll.


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In my local paper :- Admiral Sir Peter Herbert on 3rd May aged 90
Described as submariner and former Chairman of SSAFA


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From the We Remember Submariners site:-

It is with deep sadness and much regret that I must inform the group of another brother who has crossed the bar. Admiral Peter Herbert who I believe to be the late CO of VALIANT and former FOSM who is reported to have died on 3rd May aged 90.
(Telegraph on line Reference: A233345)
Funeral followed by private cremation. No flowers, Donations if desired to SSAFA c/o Allen & Son, Funeral Directors, Moreton in the Marsh GL56 0AF
Sir Peter Geoffrey Marshall Herbert, KCB, OBE
Commander 30thJune 1963
Captain 30thJune 1969
Commodore 1977 & 1978
Rear Admiral 7thJuly 1978
Vice Admiral 23rdJuly 1981
Admiral 10thJune 1983
Sub Lieutenant to Admiral from 1949 to 1983 in:
ALDERNEY (IL 30th March 1951)
TABARD (IL 14th March 1956)
COQC (1957 Teacher R D Cairns)
SCYTHIAN (CO 27th May 1957 & on commissioning on 14th September 1957)
PORPOISE (CO 13th February 1961)
VALIANT (CO November 1964 & on Commissioning at Barrow on 18th July 1966 to 19th April 1968)
DG Ships (1969 to 1970)
NEPTUNE (1971 to 1972)
DOLPHIN (1973)
BLAKE (1974 to 1975)
Deputy Chief Polaries Executive (1976 to 1978)
Flag Officer 3rdFlotilla & FOCAS (1978 to 1979)
DGNMT (1980 to 1981)
FOSM (1981 to 1983)
VCDS (1983 to 1984)
Died 3rd May 2019 aged 90


War Hero
Robert Kenneth Mills-Goodlet Pilot RN WW2. Founder of Whichester Motor Company Group.
Memorial Service to be held in Hambledon
His Father was a Submariner who perrished on the H-47 when Bob was young.
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