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In Memoriam


Captain Thomas Clarke, Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan, Warrant Officer Class 2 Spencer Faulkner, Corporal James Walters and Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas killed in a Lynx helicopter crash in Afghanistan on 26 April 2014.



Commander T. Geoff Maltby RN (Captain of HMS Brighton, HMS Jupiter and CO of 849 Squadron) died peacfully in his sleep on Saturday the 31st of May. Funeral is on the 12th of June, Mintlyn Crematorium at 12.15pm in King's Lynn if any old shipmates wanted to attend.


RIP Dad.
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Alan "Scrote" Eling. RIP Ship mate


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RIP Adrian Ismay, ex Royal Naval officer and Falklands veteran,Adrian died of a heart attack two weeks after his car was blown up by terrorists in Belfast, stand easy shippers
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