In Memoriam


[align=center]Marine James Macklin
Recconaissance Troop
42 Commando Royal Marines

Killed In Action
Antrim Road
28th March 1974

We shall remember whilst the light lasts
And in the darkness we shall not forget[/align]


Lantern Swinger
PLease may I also add:

Former Royal Marine Wayne Fox from Hartlepool, unfortunately passed away in Hartlepool Hospital at the age of 38. Wayne served in the Corps for 6 years in the late 80's and early 1990's.

After he left the Corps he went onto be a deep sea diver in the North Sea. He did his diving course in the Corps and when I last saw him he told me that this was the career he wanted to pursue in civvy street. Indeed, he successfully achieved this.

Good Night God Bless mate.

Steven Preece


My thanks to Bergen for the post on Jimmy Macklin, Gone but never forgotten, his duty done, RIP my old mate.

And in a twist of fate I also knew Wayne Fox in his second chossen profession. Was sad to hear the news when he passed away.
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