In-Elbow pressups


What muscle groups do IN-Elbow (marine) pressups use?

And are there any exercises to improve build up these muscles besides pressups?

I can bang out alot more regular pressups than the marine pressups, when your elbows are tucked in, infact its normally only about 20 odd!!

Any help appreciated

If its "marine press ups" you need to improve on, then practicing them exclusively is the best way forward.
Dont worry about singleing out muscle groups, just practice the specific exercise.

(bit of a daft question that one tailz)
Sit on a step, hands behind, on step. Feet out far enough to put body weight onto hands.Keep elbows tucked in, drop your body so arms at a right-angle .Do this 40 times. Rest for 10 seconds.Repeat 2 sets. This might not be the most dynamite exercise but it isolates the arm muscle group you're after.
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