In Defence of Free Speech

David Pannick puts forward a stout yet concise defence of free speech in the Times today, which may be of interest.,,1-61-2459289-61,00.html

To complement this article I thought I would add Sunny Hundal's interesting point about unrepresentative religious spokespersons pretending to speak for their communities, below (and some rambling comment).,,1952149,00.html

Finally I though the following letter (the second letter, by Steven Jarvis) in today's Times was pertinent to both points above. Free speech requires the facility to exercise it and the environment in which such debate can legitimately arise, whether at university, in the local pub or in a messdeck beneath the icecaps. Debate should cover ALL points of view, not just those of a dominant, pushy or litigatious group.,,2741-2462476,00.html