In Clover!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. sooo your walking home.. you find a four leaf clover..
    do you
    snear and walk on ,, knowing its all tosh anyway or do you think well what does it matter if i try or not...
    you deside to try... what will you wish for.. one wish only please. (oo reminds me of a film!!)
    soo two rules only... no wishing for world peace.. that would take far too many four leaf clovers! ........... and you cant bring back the dead... they would realy smell !!!
  2. I would wish for ***CENSORED***
  3. I wish for all the cats in the UK to crap only in their owners gardens.
  4. Could we extend that to "worldwide" ? Cats crap knows no boundaries!
  5. Sorry skyvet my wish was only UK wide :thumright:
  6. What are you supposed to do with it to make the luck work? Hold it?; eat it?; Stick it down your trollies?

  7. well soon as i find some.. i will zap it rite to you. so you can test out your three very sound ideas..... any help needed with said stuffing... please feel free to ask..............
  8. I am greedy I would like three more wishes..........make sence really
  9. I'd wish for all the immigrants to be gone and we had a Government that really cared about the people and the Armed Forces!
  10. Andy
    It's only a four leaf clover, it doesn't have sufficient power in it to do that much :money:

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