In car Satnav systems.

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by BillyNoMates, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. I've got a pair of Tom Toms that were used for my previous vehicles,
    and it's a simple affair to apply updates to them via the Internet, but
    how do you get updated information on to built-in versions? I'm
    assuming that the vehicle(s) have to be taken back to the dealers
    for any sort of updating.
    I switched on the Ford Focus Titanium built-in version on the way
    to work this afternoon, and by the time I had left what one would
    consider to be "normal roads" - the Satnav didn't have a fu**ing
    clue where it was! Screen was littered with nothing but big white
    dots. I shall make my own enquiries after the Bank Holiday
    weekend, but if any of you have info on this.......I'd appreciate it.

    Cheers maties,

  2. Depending on the age of the car it's either a new cd or connected up at the dealership
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    With the Focus its cheaper to buy a new car. ;)
  4. Updates are normally provided by the wife on the very rare occasion that I
    get lost. Trouble is - she don't have an *OFF* button.
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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've got one of those.
  6. So have I, but mine has a built in time delay e.g. you should have turned left there :(
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  7. I got one of them delay version's, also it tells me the quickest way to avoid traffic, when I am sat in a traffic jam?
  8. As long as you've bought a semi decent car: You can update it either by USB stick, connecting to your phone vie bluetooth or replacing the micro SD.
  9. In most cars you need access to the OBD port with some kind of scantool to apply updates. Older cars use the CD or DVD ROM to get the files, newer ones the modem (phone or 4G LTE), Bluetooth connection, USB or SD/SDMicro. FiatChrysler had the whizzo idea of connecting the ents to the other OBD devices allowing the car to email the dealership for service, allow remote start via app, door locking, camera views etc. The unfortunate unintended consequence was you can turn on the ABS connected via BT, even if the car is driving down the road, as demonstrated by a white hat hacker. This prompted FiatJeep etc, to issue an update on a USB stick, mailing them out to customers. So there's a gaping security hole, since if you have access to the ECUs like that, you could program keys, steal the car etc. Companies like Delphi (maker of OEM car systems) are hiring like mad to try to fix this since it will involve mega recalls, but to put it in perspective, its not like the Takata airbag recall.

    Long and short of it, if you buy used, and the satnag is well out of date, buy a scoshe mount for your phone or tablet and use google maps for free, download areas to the phone/tablet and you're good to go even if you're offline. Google will sync from your laptop so you can browse around on a bigger screen, then send routes to your phone. Some of the cars adopting android will also work with this.
  10. Searched the vehicle and I've found the SD card that the navigation system runs on.
    It was hiding right at the back of the centre-line stowage compartment. Maybe if
    I take it out and whack it in the appropriate slot on one of my laptops and then
    have a dig around whilst on my wi-fi I'll find some settings to play about with.
    If I break it - I'll just take it back and ask nicely for another one.
    Will report back.

  11. I think you download it to the SD card and update that way. However when I did it it cost me £50. Would have been cheaper to keep the wife but she shouted instructions and rolled her eyes. I also think she suspected I was having a "Thing" with the voice. :cool:

    Edit...add info
  12. I don't do paying money for stuff. That's what the internet is for. Getting it for nowt.
    The second it asks for credit card numbers I'm outa there.
  13. Billy, save a copy of the SD before buggering about with it. You will likely only need a micro to SD adapter if you have an SD card slot on the lappy. If the files are binaries (.bin or similar) you will need bit more gen than you are batting with.
    Theres probably an option on the front panel to update it with a card from the stealer, I find it simpler to find a PDF of the manual and search it than flipping through the paper things.
  14. You can get all sort of voices for them now too. The Star Wars ones are popular.
  15. On the one hand, you thieving git. On the other, totally with you. Fk itunes. Iway robbery more like. Hence my suggestion for Google maps. Sure, they read all your emails and keep GPS files on the searches you make, and use your metadata for traffic info. But its free.

    Most of the internet is with you too. Chromebooks FTW.
  16. Found it....

    Not sure how new yours is but this was the 2014 one
  17. Ford Focus Titanium 2016 Automatic with really wide tires.
    I'll tell you how I got on sometime soon.

  18. And then it will just show certain ladies with no clothes on and who cares about the bloody maps....
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  19. Tazt good point, Billy take care, as Wolf Pack Leader will take your head off
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