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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 27, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone else sees the world through rapists eyes? It's just that whatever situation I'm in wether it be work related, domestic, public etc then I find myself looking at random women who may just happen to be passing or in my vicinity and I start to hear a questioning voice in my head. A bit like Doris Stokes I suppose but probably more akin to Peter Sutcliffe or Jeffrey Dahmer. The voice asks me questions of an explicitly violent and sexual nature. The strange thing is I actually find myself responding to the voice with my answers. It asks me things such as, "do you think that that women over there with the red top on, browsing the frozen veg in aisle 12 has still got the taste of c0ck and man milk in her mouth from sucking someone off just before she went to do the shopping?" or "do you think that that woman who has just said "that'll be 60 pence love" when you're buying your Greggs sausage roll would call you love if she knew that you would really love to grab her by her hair, pull her face smartly down onto the glass counter, causing her nose to break and then started to violently bugger her while she bled out from the lacerations caused as her face when through the glass plate". I'm sure you get the idea. Anyway my point is I am sure that it's not just me that has these musings and if that be the case is it only the fear of the consequences and retribution that keeps all us potentially violent rapists in check?
    PS: I will pay top dollar for Taloolahs home address.......
  2. I'd like to respond but my solicitor has told me not to admit to anything until the case has been heard :oops:
  3. Kill your solicitor and then either eat him or feed his remains to the pigs....
  4. I can't kill him yet, he's the only dumb fcuker that thinks I'm innocent, I still think CCTV is a violation of my 'uman rights and the 20 witnesses are biased
  5. Kill all the witnesses too, eat them all....then eat the CCTV....job done
  6. Good point, but if I ate all that lot I'd look like Taloolah, not the lean mean fighting machine that I am
  7. Fukk me ragged've got a mighty fine point there! I'd rather do a ten stretch than end up looking like a barrage balloon on legs!
  8. Are serious thoughts allowed to be expressed in this thread ?....You've got me thinking with that vivid description......
  9. Errrr....we are talking about the bloke who's 'mate' posted that picture of him on this fine and upstanding website ? 8O
  10. But HE'S ALL MINE! CPOMEM Taloolah's beard has been painting my chest with warm, white, creamy, Swiss chocolate with chillies, for the past twenty minutes and it's getting harder by the minute... The chocolate, that is....... :biggrin:

  11. Apparently i missed that!
  12. 8O Missed it ? This cannot go unaddressed. i shall dig back through the archives, Wannabe hun and let you know where it is.....good to see you btw, missed you gals today. :wink:
  13. Wierd. :?
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Your not the only one mate,,,,,strange.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Maybe we should lock Thingy & Taloolah in a room together and watch how the experiment turns out?

    I hold the movie rights!!!!!!
  16. Not weird. Just taboo, worryingly topic should be repressed.... why not let men befriend their 'beast' ? Where can they go to find out it ain't so odd and learn to control it.....would stop the impotence of violence.... 8O
    Their strength is a beautiful thing. :)
    Don't fret over RJ's threads, they are as bent as an old poop of a scoutmaster, but he's hiding his light, that's all.... :wink:
  17. A gayboy and a gal ? 8O
  18. Wicked! Much appreciated. Ha I had an exam today which i had to go and nail whilst slowly dying from whatever bug is going around at the moment. Now i'm sat here trying to write an essay on the resurgence of the worlds navies in the 1980s- happy days. Hope yours was a little more exciting! :)
  19. RJ do you put foo foo in your knicks ?
  20. You need a good battering with a ball peen hammer.
    You try to come across as the voice of reason but we all know that all you're after is some banter and suggestive PM traffic that you hope will conclude in a bit of virtual sex, dream on chubbs.

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