Improving The Royal Navy's Online Presence


War Hero
Done but q7 still isn't playing nicely
Don't hold your breath on that one , I've been banging my head against the proverbial for several years with regard the poor quality of the RN's online presence and its shortcomings.

The fact RN digital has got off it's arse and bothered to ask, rather than sit on it and count Facebook "likes" as a sign of success, should be celebrated. OK, the questionnaire is as fatally flawed as the RN website, but I'm doing cartwheels now that others can at least express their opinion.

I'm just hoping it'll not be completed by just a load of simpering sycophants, but by people who will insert a much needed metaphorical size ten up the target presented. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic & I have no doubt the "can't do" excuses will continue to gush forth.

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