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I am currently training hard to prepare for my PJFT, and was wondering if anyone had any specific tips on improving my 1.5 mile run time?

About 2 months ago I quit smoking completely and stopped drinking also. So since then I've been trying hard to improve my health. Not really been easy though, changing from an overweight chain smoking beer monster to fit and healthy has not been a smooth process. It's all gonna be worth it though!

So I managed to get my time down from 14.20 to 13.05 in the last week (ran yesterday). But I have the feeling I am going to hit a barrier very soon!

So lets say I have 6 weeks maybe more until my PJFT, what training regime would anyone advise? I have been doing interval training some days (usually for 30 mins or so) and I practice my 1.5mile run on the other days. This is mixed in with a lot of resistance work too.

Any help or pointers appreciated!
I can only find long-term regimes for 1.5 mile run with google search (over 2-3 months) but I need something more short term!
Does the AFCO not provide you with a suggested training programme, I thought I got one when I made my initial application.

If you're stuck, ask Uncle "Ninja Stoker" - he'll point you in the right direction


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My psychometric testing is this Friday, and I will ask afterwards.

I guess I could just keep on with the regime I have just now, but I want to improve faster if at all possible.
Try carbo loading.

Eat protein for so many days no carbos then the body is shouting out for carbo pasta etc. I used this method when I was into marathon running years back and it does work.

Always remember easy days hard days give the body time to rest run how you feel leave the watch at home my problems started when I joined a running club and started to worry when the last mile was slower than last time out.
Carbo loading for marathons - but not for a 10 minute run surely? Wouldn't a better option to be to:

A) contact the AFCO for a training plan
b)failing that start doing grid sprints or interval training (fartlek)
c)go to a gym (commercial or local authority one and seek advice). I found doing intervals on a treadmill helped, as does hillwork although thats more relevant to longer stuff.

All IMHO, of course :walk:
You should (trust me .. I know) have been given CP 123 which gives you an 8 week training plan in it.
If youre putting in the effort then you will eventually reap the rewards.
I have known obese (clinically) reduce their weight, pass the med and then also pass PJFT. :money:


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Thank you all for the pointers.

I am currently a member of my local gym and run there 3 or 4 times a week on a treadmill. I normally do 1 day of interval training (over 30 mins) and the other days practicing my 1.5 mile run.

On advice I have been trying to eat some carbs a few hours before working out and running, and then more carbs after to help my muscles/joints recover. Not an awful lot of protein in my diet at the moment. Should I increase?

12.55 time today at gym. My first sub-13 min. I guess I am getting there, but I am needing to put in that 110% every time I want to better my time.

Maybe there is no easier/faster way x.x


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Thanks for the link.

The Pre-Joining Fitness Test is held indoors on a treadmill, and that is the only reason I am running on one now.

It was my thinking that I'd practice hard running on a treadmill for the test and then never run on one again after it.

However if you think running outdoors over the next 6 weeks or so will improve my time more than just treadmill work then I shall certainly give it a go!
Oh ok the test is on a treadmill. It might be better to stick to that then but up the mileage to increase endurance, as well as what you are currently doing (not together though, pick a day for a longer slow run). Put a 1% incline on the treadmill, This simulate running outdoors better (for when you do switch) and will make the test on a 0 incline that little bit easier.


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The most I've done is a 5k run/walk. Should I stick to this interval training when I do endurance running?

Or do you think it would be better if I stuck to a slow run (maybe 8-9kmph) and see how long I can last?

I will now include a slower/endurance run every week though.
Hey everyone don i'm just like you give up smoking and drinking and all i give because im very unfit now and i aint taking no steps into the navy until i am fit enougth to do physical training you know theres nothing in the world that i want to do more than be part of the navy so if there is anyone one who can give me some tips on the best way to improve my fitness and the best way to become prepared i would be more than happy to hear off you yes one more thing i would really like to know anything about the basic training for navy and how hard it really is any advice please tell me it would be important i look forwars to hearing off you very soon thanx very much Russell
For the longer slow run you are looking for distance without stopping. Dont push too much though or you will simply end up injured. Walking breaks are not to be rowned at, they have a part to play in aiding recovery and will get less and less. Dont confuse interval with distance as you dont want to be doing both at the same time, treat them as seperate entities.

Russell550, when i first started running again i was unfit. Now my times are getting better and my fitness improving. Its all down to simply getting out there and going for it. There are some simple mistakes people make when starting to run and mainly its starting out too fast. When doing a slow run or just starting you should be able to hold a conversation. Try it with yourself. If you cant speak properly or its laboured then your going too fast. As i have also said dont think walking breaks are bad.

P.S. That was a quick post from link Don87.


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Russell, I was very unfit and overweight 2 months ago...I smoked and drank a lot and my diet was awful. But I decided to dedicate myself to getting fit, as it was the only way I was going to be able to follow my dream to join up with the RN.

It certainly sounds to me as if you have a high level of motivation to get fit and prepared for the Navy. So you need to turn that motivation into actions!

Some basic pointers that got me going:
1. Improve diet - very important! watch what you eat carefully, make sure you eat fruit/veg, and dont eat too many foods that are bad for you. If you are like me this will be a hard one, but trust me it is all worth it.

2. Exercise - I joined the gym after a month of no smoking/drinking and improved diet. I have made MASSIVE improvements in my health in only one month. You need to exercise too and get into shape. You don't need to join the gym to do that (but it helped me to get very focused and direct help) but you need to form some sort of training regime.

Through improved exercise and diet I feel a million times better than I did before, and am now only 40 seconds off my required time to pass the test. A month ago I couldn't get up 2 flights of stairs without being majorly out of breath. So it is realistic to assume you can turn your health around in a few months time.

I am no expert and can only give you my own experiences. But it has worked for me. It is not easy's bloody hard work and the temptation to smoke a 20 deck or go into KFC or Burger King (both right next to my gym) is still there sometimes. You just need to stay focused on your goal though. And entry into the Navy is that goal!
ah ok its just my passion and dream to get in the navy and i dont want that to go down the drain. see what i mean thanx for your advice it really helps can you tell me anything about what the basic training is all about thanx alot russell
Don Its a Real pleasure to know someone who that commited to joining up so im really happy for you i apperciate the advice and i hope you reach your goal. Don i dont go to the gym alot rarley in fact but since i have gived up the smoking i have been running alot. it just seems that to join the navy for me is like a million miles away but yes you are right i need to turn it into action i am commited to it driven and passionet about the navy i think about it all the time but i do have doubts what if i dont get in but its not just that its the fact that i have got to go through a interview aswell which im totally not good at and then you go the written test right? which is english and maths and maths was always my worse subject in school honstley i dint do much matchs so basicly i could not tell the 8 times tables of by heart thats how dreadful it is thats why im so worried about it all why my dream can just be thrown away you know what i mean Don?? well it would good to hear off you soon and im possitive you will reach your goal you have come along way and you deserve the credit well done Don thanx for your advice speak soon cheers Russell

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