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I have just been having a look through the old treads and saw something about that the navy will sort out your passport for free, im joining up on febuary 28th and i have already filled out my passport application form and im going to send this week, but i was just wondering if this is true, and how i would go about it. thanks for any help.
Know what? I'm sure it'll be fine if you get one whilst you're there, just explain to the instructors you heard that the RN will give you one.
To back up what Drakey has said, You MUST have an indate passport on joining the RN or RM's. No passport no join, so send it away now.

Once in service the Navy will pay for any replacements you need


When I joined I already had one (74) it was taken off me, filled in the form and I was given a brand new Passport. :? How times have changed
Topstop said:
When I joined I already had one (74) it was taken off me, filled in the form and I was given a brand new Passport. :? How times have changed
Didnt get one when i joined .But got one when we was taking the ship on and was my first LFS
Bit of a thread hijack but a quick question:

I've just sent off for my passport again after they sent my application forms back because I didn't send a full birth cert with them just a normal one. I have my Pre Joining brief on the 26th so my passport might not be here by then. Do I need to show my passport at the pre joining brief? Or is it just Raleigh I need it for?

Can one of you AFCO guys ask your pongo counterparts whether their rules are the same? I've got my brother sitting next to me who says he joined the Army (along with many others) in May '07 without one. They took them on a battlefield tour to France and Belgium 4 weeks into training without passports. NATO travel orders are good enough with a F Ident 693 (temporary certificate of service identity). He went on to claim a passport via JPA when he got round to it (about a year later).
In Raleigh you don't go abroad (does Cornwall count?) Talk of Tri-Service harmonisation!
My how things have changed. In joined in 88 without a pass passport, filled a form out and before I passed out issued a shiny new one never used. Got a new one before I left 2000. Had to pay for my first one last year Bugger.

Edit. no I not a Wafu and did a lot of sea time and plane travel.
Aah the good old days. My Ian's passport was issued1967 for 5 years.He is described as being 5. 11 with grey eyes (wrong) 6.2 eyes of blue. Profession is Government Service.There are no stamps on this. Oh but the trouble we had when he eventually needed one to travel home (UK England from Northern Ireland, Fire Service ID card of no use as he was retired)
Not a first time applicant and passport not lost.
It sickens me to think how much a 10 year passport costs, and he only got 2 years out of it. Incidently the renewal fee when his original was issued was£1 for 5years.Eventually I found the original and forwarded it to the passport agency whereupon it was returned marked cancelled. It expired 26/7/1972.
Ian was 17 when he received this from the Navy. My best laugh was that i had just turned 6

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