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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, I sent my applcation form off this tuesday

    It asks for your passport number, now my passport expired May 2006, but i still put the passport number of that on it.

    I've now been thinking, will it be ok just to leave it and obviosuly ill pay to get it renewed if i get into the service or need to because of deployment somewhere or shall i try and renew it now, could be a pain saying ive put a 'out of date' passport number on my app form and are now re-newing it!,

    what do you think, it won't slown down the application process will it?, shall i just get it done anyway and then tell them when it's all done?


    Ben Wood
  2. Tell them it's expired. When you join, you should be entitled to one free of charge.
  3. Baring what Tatto dog says just hang around the local Dole office and you should be able to pick one up for a few quid!
  4. so ill just say nothing on the matter at the moment yer?

    even though ive put an out of date passport number on my application form?

    saying that it's still a passport and im sure they can check with that number that i am british and all that (im thinking for security clerance questions) so ill just do that yes and if i need to pay to get it renewed once i get in, then thats fine ill do that :)


    Ben W
  5. :lol:

    Or you could speak with an Albanian accent, tell them you have just arrived in the back of a truck and hey presto - passport, loadsa money and a house!
  6. yer, im sure thats about right, immigrants and all the free jazz that they get!!, but as in regards to the last post i posted, would that be ok then to just leave it and it wont affect my application and then once i get accepected in all pay for it to get it renewed if i need to yeh?


    Ben W
  7. Be sure to tell them that it's expired.

    They can check with the Passport Office if they need to.
  8. i did yeh, on the passport number, it's got a box saying expiry date and i put in May 2006, which is when it expired, so nothing to worry about then :)? :roll:
  9. You should be OK then - they'll see it as being incredibly honest.

    As a safeguard, give the Careers Office a bell and ask them if it's OK; I'm pretty sure they'll say the same.
  10. well i seem to be getting some regular attention on the board, can i just ask is there any way to speed up the application process and if i phone my afco every 3 weeks or something they wont get annoyed at me?

    I am so keen! 150%!

    Ben W
  11. Bloody hell what a shame!

    I'm gonna have to fork out £108 for a same-day renewal in the next week as I'm off to France for a 2-weeker.

    Shame I couldn't cancel the holiday because it's gonna cost me a fortune now with the passport and all. - Damn, should have applied to the Navy sooner and I could have gotten a freebie!

    Oh this brings me to another point, when I submit my application form, obviously I've got to tell them I'm off for 2 weeks and give them the dates. But will they take a dim view because they'll have to rearrange dates for interviews, tests, etc?

    It was booked before the presentation I visited in December.
  12. You still have to pay for the Passport up front but then you put in a claim to recover the cost.

    Come to think of it I never did check I got that money back at the end of last year... <h-o-o scurries off to check pay statements>
  13. Credders Put down your holiday dates and any other dates that are important enough for you not to attend. They will not take a dim note of this, can't have someone doing sweet FA for 18 months or so while waiting for dates.
    You must have very nice parents if you are going on holiday and have never worked. :smile:
  14. Well I have worked - Just nothing official :razz:

    And I'm the one paying not my parents... although I only have to find money for a flight because my dad owns the joint! :grin:

    I'm glad you said that! I was worried The Navy might go funny over me telling them they can't make plans for me for those 2 weeks!

    Always the helper Slim :wink:

  15. After everything else, that would cause you problems.....

    In any case, as Slim says just let them know the dates you're away. The AFCO is there and runs test dates regularly, they're not set up just for you ;)

  16. Cheers Karma!

    Will let them know when I'm off then!

    Oh and I've never touched a single drug in my life! :razz:
  17. Just to confirm what the others have said, I only had an out-of-date passport when I applied but it was fine.

    You'll need to take a valid ID when you sit your entrance test though (driving license, etc.)

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