Important - NEM consultation: the future of your employment

For something considered well developed and almost ready for release to the public, all I seem to have heard about this is rumour, hearsay and "Still to be confirmed". It's starting to drive me nuts. Interesting survey though, definitely worth a few minutes of your time to fill out for those of you still in and planning to stay in beyond 2015.
I've been to an RAF one as I'm currently living with them. The Crab Group Captain finished the brief with "These are the goals of the RAF NEM, we don't know what the RN or Army want but they should be along similar lines" We've had no dark blue come up to Benson and talk to us despite making up just under a quarter of the personnel on base and manning the new aircraft type to enter RN service.


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I do love when these consultations happen, the box is duly ticked and then they ignore what's said and implement what they want or more likely what they can afford regardless. It's happened with every change in the last umpteen years (Pay 2000, NBPCP, uniform changes ...... The list goes on). They'll do what they think people will swallow and most importantly include all the necessary caveats so they can ignore it when it suits.

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The idea about single living accommodation being anything like relative to civilian housing charges to start with.
Then this idea about being able to work part time, being able to chop and change with the reserves. I could see how that might possibly work in an army regiment which only deploys on operations once every two years (even then I don't think it would be great) But on a ship or submarine for anyone above able rate? Not a chance that idea will ever see the light of day.

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