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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mulder, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I applied to join the navy at an AET and Passed my RT 16/12/09 and the CA said Estimated joining date would be Dec to Jan 2011.

    Now my question is:
    I have just completed the first year of a Higher National Certificate in Civil Engineering, which is my current field of work, the second year starts in September and i am wondering if I should start the second year with the possibility that I might have to leave and join the navy 6 months before finishing the course.

    My employer is paying for the qualification so I don't want to mess them around, and as part of my contract if I leave I would have to pay the fees back to my employer, so I would Rather not waste my money.

    The Navy CA said that I can resume my study and complete the qualification once I have completed my trade training.

    The most important thing in my mind is to get in to the Navy as I am not satisfied with my current career, Hence my application to the Navy.

    I would like to get some opinions on what you would do in my situation.

  2. Crack on with HNC, if you have to pay back 1 years fees so be it. If your entry date changes (and I'm not saying it will or is likely to) you'll have a qualification that will stand you in good stead inside or outside the mob.

    Incidently, I did an HNC in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and the mob let me go day release and paid for it. My son did the same in Mechanical Engineering when he was an AET.
  3. I already have to pay back the fees for my ONC which i completed last year and the first years fees for the HNC, so if i decide to start the second year with the hope of finnishing before i get called up, then i will have the second years fees to pay back also.

    * My course fees are about £1,000 per year, so at present i owe my employer £3,000 upon leaving. If i was to start the second year of HNC that figure would rise to £4,000.
  4. What exactly does your training agreement say?

    Very often there will be a clause that says something along the lines of you having to repay the course fees only if you leave within a certain period of time of finishing the course. So you may find you have been there sufficient time not to have to pay back the course fees relating to the ONC
  5. My training agreement says within five years of completing any courses, and i have only worked there 2 years so far.

    So i have to pay back all and any fees. which i don't have a problem with since they have been so kind as to let me do it on day release, i just don't want to start the second year of my HNC and have wasted my money. As i can finish it on when i get in to the navy.

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