Importance of sleep.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jervis, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Alright chaps,

    Recently i've been trying to get my body clock from 12am to 6:30am, but its easyier said than done in my opinion.

    Just wanted to ask you guys and girls, what your normal night sleep is like and how you either cut yours back or how people in the Royal Navy cope who are lazy barstools?

    Im a delivery driver whilst waiting on my joinning date, which means i get in at half 9-10 and make dinner then which might have somethin to do with why i feel like something horrible the next morning?

    Share yourself completely lol.
  2. Sleep when and where you can, 6 on/6 off watchkeeping will sort you out :lol:
  3. Become a submariner, then you wont worry where your body clock is, just be thankful you still have one.
  4. I remember 6 on 6 off defence watches. An absolute bastard!! :(
  5. Try it for a 3 month deployment..takes ages to get back to normal hours when you get back
  6. Asking the wrong person!! Ex Harrier Woo.
  7. So none of you guys that replyed have trouble with 6 hours sleep? im 20 and its difficult lol but its only day 3 so early days
  8. When watchkeeping you can keep the forenoon dogs and middle, or the afternoon first and morning, or 6 about or Westcountry watches, or even watch and watch. Diffent ships, different cap tallies.
    the accepted norm is I believe eight hours, some manage on less, so everyone has their own sleep requirements.
    Naval discipline soon sorts you out, and this alone will stand you in good stead for the future. I work a couple of ten hour nights a week and have no trouble adapting into a regular sleep pattern, your body and mind become accustomed to it.
    The only problem I had was adjusting to the lack of fans,machinery, and Phantom F4K's taking off two feet above my pit space. Then again I don't think there are many Jet blast deflecters in service at present.
    Just don't worry about it, :wink:
  9. When someone terror shakes you at 4 am with a torch in you grid, then you get up!!! Simple reason is you are their relief and they want some bedframe hours.
  10. lol yeah i can imagine. yeah i guess trick is not to worry about it and let your body adjust without thinking about it. i know this dude whos quite content to get 1 -2 hours sleep. interesting how some people can and cant they say the most ambitious people tend not to sleep much :/
  11. If your really worried about the lack of sleep. Join as a Tiff.
    These are the elite artisans of the fleet and work exclusively from their beds/bunks. Had one on the Massive who never got out of his bunk whilst at sea. Rumour had it that he was spot welded in six places to the mattress. :wink:
    Your quite right though just don't worry about it.
  12. Sleep and the RN? something doesn't compute! When I left and joined civil aviation sleeping under the fin of a 747 with dodgy yaw damping was sheer heaven.
    In the RN I was an RO, so if you can join a branch that does not work constant watches I would sincerely advise you to do so. If such wonders still exist.
  13. Nearly right, the SSBN Nav Queens always had 8 hours sleep per day and as much as they could crack in at night, too.
  14. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    More kip, less trip :thumright:
  15. Seems that the majority of you guys are asuming that im asking about what it will be like the in the Navy whilst sleeping. im just generalising in everyday life have any of you guys had or know people with weird sleep patterns. or yourself had trouble changing them for instance if you slept 10 hours and now you sleep 5 how did you manage it ?
  16. Yes, my mother in law, she has a medical complaint and suffers from tight skin around her arse. Every time she sits down her eyes close! :wink:
  17. I have never had a regular sleep pattern, and never lead a life that would encourage the same, never kept regular hours.
    Sometimes I sleep well, at other times not. It has never been something that comes easily to me. Therefore there have more or less always been some sort of problem.
    I do not expect to sleep well and am pleasantly surprised when I do.
    A bit closer to your question perhaps?
  18. Sorry,misread the thread title, thought it was the 'Importance of Sheep!' :oops:
  19. Did, was standing in the corner by the SSE on the Fwd Escape in a fire exersise wearing EBS. next thing I knew was being unable to breath, opening my eyes and looking straight into the Swains with his hand infront kinking the air hose 8O

    The fire ex had finished 30 mins earlier and nearly all the crew had been up there to see me asleep standing up :oops: :oops:
  20. I frequently work nights and strange shifts and have to adjust body clock a lot. All you have to do is not go to sleep when you're tired - wait until the 'normal time' (eg about 2200 or so). Then you'll sleep through, get up at 0700 so you don't lie in, and body clock is reset!


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