Imperial War Museum North exhibition - Military Pride

Discussion in 'History' started by thingy, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Manchester’s Imperial War Museum North is still on the look out for people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities who have served or who are serving in the Armed Forces to contact them about a new photographic display as soon as possible.

    The small but powerful exhibition given the name ‘Military Pride’ will run from 12 July until 12 October 2008 and aims to reveal via portrait photography and personal testimony the experiences of LGBT people within the context of conflict, war and military service.

    Organisers would love to hear from those who would like to share their experiences and be part of the final display.

    To find out how you can get involved or for more information please contact Catherine Roberts on 0161 836 4062 or [email protected]

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thingy: Talking about your visit to HMS Bulwank in London last year doesn't count... :wink:
  3. So when they say "Military Pride", they don't actually mean pride in the Military? They actually mean pride in batting for the other side while in the Military?

    I'm sure the "photographic display" will be fascinating!
  4. Manchester Imperial War Museum. Unless the place has been upgraded it is exciting and uplifting as a day trip to Halton Chemical Museum which cost a fiver. The other half wanted a look see at this exciting Chemical Museum.

    Manchester a award winning building!!! Nothing inside but an award winning building. Has it been upgraded dp please say it is sooooooo!!!!

    Now the Leeds Armoury is a different story.
  5. Does Richard Littlejohn know about this , as he would say "you couldn't make it up" . :dwarf:
  6. " LGBT people" well thats a new one on me!! makes me dissapointed somewhat! as the Museum housed the most impressive collection of medals from one man that i have ever seen Group Capt Leonard Cheshre VC.OM. DSO. 2bars DFC.1bar and 6 campaign medals.I know by his biography what a compassionate man he was /but i wonder what he would have thought about the new "military pride? "(had my drip ) :crying:
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Gay and lesbian service personnel fought and died in conflicts; some were also decorated (for their valour, not for their sexuality).

    This topic pops up now and again, and to be honest I'm tired of banging the drum; can people just not accept that gay/lesbian people are as much a part of society as everyone else (one in ten, I beleive) and, by that rationale, they are also serving alongside us in the Forces? Why should it bother anyone, least of all those of us who are actualy still serving? Are you worried in case you get 'converted' by a gay in the gulch? Have a good look back at some of those deployment photos and I'm pretty sure some of those activities - no matter how innocent they were at the time - look pretty gay to others (i.e. 'Crossing The Line', SODS Opera, Chanel Night, etc.). To be honest I've seen many naked matelots (and some naked Wrens!) and I'm pretty confident that the large majority would not even turn on a nymphomaniac, heterosexual female, who had been deprived of sex for ten years, let alone your average gay man.

    Put your out-of-date latent homophobia to bed (pun intended) and start worrying about more important things in the world today... :roll:
  8. It is a fact that many gay people have fought with pride for this country, no-one is doubting that fact, many have won awards and medals, been heroes in fact, but to me, and it is only my opinion, the media, or people with vested interests seem to pushing the gay thing to the front at every opportunity, we now have a society where if you were to say anything derogatory about a gay, you will be lifted, yet when Servicemen return home fron Iraq and Afghanistan and get abused, nothing is said and nobody is arrested. As for Military Pride, well It`s just like the hi jacking of the word Gay. You don`t have to agree with me, like i said It`s only my opinion.
  9. Hear hear.
  10. And again.

  11. I third it, don't care if you are Black White Green, Bent straight, cross dressing, or a woman in comfortable shoes and bib and braise overalls. If you are a good ship mate, and care for others then fine. But FFS don't make out you are different other wise you will BE TREATED DIFFERENTLY, and that is NOT what you want or IS IT
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Okay, I see that point of view. However there are many Service-related organisations (RN Angling Association, RNRM Motorcycle Club, etc.) which service personnel join in order to have a sense of belonging, and also to keep in touch with likeminded people with a similar common interest. Having an LGBT organisation is no different; admittedly the joining criteria would not apply to many here in RR... :wink:

    To be honest, I am a little concerned that there are some in RR - and elsewhere - who spend far too much time thinking and worrying about other people's (homo)sexuality... Freud would have a field day! :oops:
  13. Freud would probably be spinning in his grave, i did not start this thread i merely gave an opinion, if it is wrong to push that the rights of Servicemen should be sacrosanct, then the rights of Gays should be dropped back a bit, instead of pushing to to the front all of the time, this is an equal society, Give the same treatment to those that are not gay, and all would be well with the world.

    I Can`t believe I`m getting involved with this crap.

    End of.
  14. No need to worry SPB or even have concerns . Also from reading your postings could it be that you yourself apply to the above ''spending too much time thinking and worrying ''

    Back to the topic ------- the ''gay '' element of UK forces prior to 1980?? were illegal it was a services no longer required punishment . If any forces person was homosexual then he was commonly termed queer and was accepted by most heterosexual serving members as life in a blue suit.
    At the present time it appears the 10% gay?? population is the tail attempting to wag the dog .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. I never ever thought that the crossing the line ceremony/ sods opera looked pretty gay to me or any other / it was just tradition and i was mightly impressed and glad to be their :salut:
  16. Right so lets review the case so far.
    Young men and women joined up in the '80s, knowing before or very soon after joining that Homosexuality was illegal in the Forces.
    Most of them would have been able to Opt out whilst still in Training so that they could persue their 'lifestyle' freely in civilian life, but they decided to remain in. Fair dos.
    Now as far as I'm concerned I don't give a rats what some one does in their free time whilst ashore, I'm sure that most (Civilians anyhow) would have found my behaviour whilst ashore deeply disturbing, (I know that in the wee small hours I occasionally get a flashback and shudder.), but to turn around nearly 30 years later and claim that their lives have been blighted by the Armed Forces discrimination against their sexuality is a bit rich.
    That LGBT acronym gets right on my tits as well, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all if you ask me.
    Off for a stiff Brandy before luncheon, by God the little woman better have it on the table sharpish or there be hell to pay. What what, Hurrumph!
  17. So are we celebrating pride in the Military? or pride in being alternative while in the Military?

    I must write out a thousand times, "I must stop Posting in Swaheli".
  18. Reminds me of PIGS: once they were associated with nice, pink, soft things that squeak with pleasure when made a fuss of but now these lovely creatures have had their name purloined for abuse by members of PLOD. ;)

    Kettles, pots and black come to mind! :roll: :biggrin:

    Now you lot LGBT actually stands for:



    Personally I'm just proud to have served wo/man and boy in the ROC...... ;)

    ...and were you following the latest tale of daring-do by matelots of all genders, types and persuasions, you'd know that the Toblerones, who make Bin and Done that Lad-in and his terror group The Kunts seem like timid white mice, are currently posing a Big Headache in......

  19. I wonder really why i bother, Thingy`s post is so fecking funny i can`t shit, Its amazing how we can cut posts up into little pieces to get a different effect,

    once they were associated with nice, pink, soft things

    I really do despair, either stick to the thread or move it to the gash barge.
  20. Ah but Hig, he must be allowed to vent his obsessions with Homosexuality and Ganges, after all he served in the ROC to defend our right to Freedom of speech. :thumright:

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