impending interview HELP!!!!!!!

Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this site so just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself.
Names Kaylie Mitchell, im from Leeds and about to apply for a seamanship role within the Navy, my interview is in a week or so and I just wanted to ask all of you if you have any advice or suggestions of the types of things I need to do to prep before I go?

Any help would be more than nervous, "bricking it!!!" and need some guidance.

cheers all

Hey there. I'm also applying through the Leeds AFCO with my interview on Wednesday. There are some helpful (and not so helpful) members on the forums.

Welcome to RR "You can check out but you can never leave" so on so forth :)


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Be smart, be honest. One of the resident AFCO's should respond and give you some tips eventually, they'll have an accurate idea of what you should expect.


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One of the things the RN doesn't like is people who PANIC - so stop doing it. Go in there, let them know how badly you want to be a member of the ROYAL NAVY and be truthful. I doubt you'll have any problems - and good luck !! Hope to see your print back on the RR Forums..xx


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Not sure whether that last posting stuck. Kaylie stop panicking, the RN doesn't go much on panickers - so stop doing it....As the blokes says, just be honest and tell them how badly you want to be part of the finest service in the world.....good luck !! xx


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Kaylie, remember PERSEC (peronsal security). Be careful about what info you reveal on a public internet forum. Oh, and good luck!
ahhhhh cheers guys, bricking it was an extreme comment, im just not very good at selling myself and lets face it, thats what interviews are all about.

Thanks for your support, i'll keep you posted.

please keep passing any suggestions.............someone said I would be quizzed on the history of the Navy, is this the case???
Proper preparation prevents p1ss poor performance or failing to prepare is preparing to fail, just read up on everything and especially about your branch of choice.
glad to see another girl joining the navy :D

best advice for the interview is first of all to relax,make sure you tell the truth..they will catch you out if you lie, do you're homework on the navy in general and you're branch of choice and you will be fine! Good luck!
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