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Impact on reapplying

Hi all. About two years ago now I applied to join the Royal Navy. I passed the recruitment test but shortly afterwards had my application terminated due to person family issues going on at the time. I kept my careers advisor informed about this and didn't just disappear. Now that I've gotten some work experience since then, and the personal issue has resolved itself I'm considering applying again. Will my past decision of 'pulling out' my old application impact my chances of success in reapplying?


War Hero
It would be a VERY good idea to delete that post and create a new profile without using your name, then re-writing it using a new 'funny' name'.

It is called PERSEC. (PERsonal SECurity)


War Hero
Assuming you didn't actually complete selection, get an allocated entry date, didn't show up at Raleigh on the appointed day, THEN told your Careers Adviser about it in retrospect, there should not be an issue.

Basically "no shows" tend to be afforded the same courtesy in return, but those that keep their AFCO in the picture ahead of the game-plan, and don't have a repeat history of unreliability, are not unduly disadvantaged.
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